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Andrea Miller Coaching


My fun facts:

...born in Austria in 1982, 
...married and immigrated to the US as a 25 year old, 
...mother to 2 girls and 

... experience with same sex relationship issues.

People like Martha Beck, Eckart Tolle,  Dr. Tara Brach and F. M. Alexander have highly influenced my approach to life and are the basis of my meditations, exercises and coaching tools.

Daily movement: Years ago, when I was suffering from overworked muscles, I consulted an Alexander Technique teacher who taught me to heighten my awareness and observe how I was using my body and mind. Through our work together, my whole life changed. I am now much more efficient and conscious when I walk, run,  stand, sit in front of my computer. The power of the Alexander Technique and its positive impact in my life inspired me to complete a 3 year Alexander Technique teacher¬≠ training program in Vienna, Austria. In 2014, I started my own AT practice. I believe that Alexander Technique is a self ¬≠care strategy that anyone can learn!

Nutrition: I love cooking and my body agrees best with low carb ingredients. I believe in self sustainability, so by working at SSE I learned how to grow my own food and forage in woods for wild edibles.

Ianto Evans has taught me how to design and build my own homestead ... which is still in progress ;)

Enjoy my material and remember to Play & Rest,