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Life Coaching (mind)


 Alexander Technique (body)

for Low Income Women

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Does this Pandemic make you

Exhausted? Mad? Hopeless?  

Me too! 

Thanks to my Life Coach Training, I can help you today.


Email me here and I'll coach you via phone or video chat as soon as it fits into your schedule. Suggested rate: $48

Here is what I offer to you:

First FREE 20minute session

All sessions are priced based on your budget
Talking about the Root of the Problem

 Experiencing immediate Relief

There is Hope!

This Pandemic is a New Challenge.

If you feel trapped

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Life Coaching: First Session Free

Feel at Ease

Is meditating still new to you?

No worries!

Here is an introduction with lot's of explanations about how to sit without pain,

how to calm down despite racing thoughts,

how to find your personal meditation style.

Ask for more!

You are Not Alone in this

Remember that in our western thinking, 

we separate ourselves from everything around us. Look again.

Notice how trees are as alive, emotional and connected, as you & me.

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Worry kept me up all Night

This is me after a night of worrying, blaming and not able to surrender. I am TAO - 

one of my coaching principles:




How does Life Coaching work?

listen & get creative


Creativity comes from Chaos.

Dare to make mistakes and remember that every creation is

 a reorganization from parts that already exist. 

Creative practice soon becomes meditative.

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TODAY's worldwide Crisis is your